A look inside the podcast studio including the sound pads, the mics, chairs, and table.

About Half Coast Studios

An Overview of Half Coast

Half Coast Studios was founded in 2019 and has since become St. Louis’ premier studio for podcast production. With the perfect location to record and produce audio and video content, a dedicated team of creative engineers and designers, and a love of what they do, Half Coast Studios offers an incredible full-service package to anyone eager to make their creative project a reality.

Our studios are equipped with everything your production may need—microphones, camcorders, mic stands, tripods, computers, monitors, and more. All you need to start a first-rate podcast is to sit down and start recording. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you, and make sure your show is everything you want it to be.

After the dust has settled and the recording is finished, we’ll take care of everything else. Our editing expertise will give your podcast that clean, professional-quality sound and video that you’d expect from the top podcast productions. Even better, we’ll help you distribute your podcast on the internet’s top podcatchers. Your professionally-produced show will be accessible from Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Youtube and many more.

Who We Are

Half Coast Studios is a growing, dedicated team of podcast enthusiasts with real experience in all types of media production. Alex Dietrich, Justin Dietrich, Garrett Atkins, and Matt Parker have decades of audio production experience between them.

We hope you’ll enjoy recording at the studio with us. We love what we do, and we love to help our clients create amazing work easier than they ever thought possible.

Alex Dietrich

Partner, Operations

One of the Partners and Head of Production, Justin Dietrich.

Justin Dietrich

Partner, Production

One of the Partners and the Head of Growth, Garrett Atkins.

Garrett Atkins

Partner, Growth

One of the Podcast producers Matt Parker.

Matt Parker


Where We Came From

In between recording sessions for their own podcasts, the team decided to rent their studio out to anyone else that needed a spot to record. During this time, Alex Dietrich managed most of the day-to-day responsibilities for the studio, including recording. Justin Dietrich handled the editing and producing of the podcasts, and Garrett Atkins handled the business development side of things.

Alex joined the ownership team in August 2020. Soon after this, Half Coast Studios leased their current location in Creve Coeur, Missouri. In their new studio, the team quickly adapted the space to become the perfect audio recording environment, complete with a full kit of professional equipment and an adaptable recording space.

To really seal the deal, Matt Parker was hired in January 2021 to serve as the studio’s first dedicated audio engineer. In that same year Justin Dietrich was added to the ownership team. With their expertise and the new equipment, the team had everything they needed to become the #1 podcast recording studio in the Midwest.

A Podcast interview being recorded between two men.

Where We’re Going

There’s one concept that’s more important than anything else in our company: creating and growing your own podcast shouldn’t be difficult. That’s the idea behind everything we do, and the reason we’ve been so successful in a relatively short amount of time. We’ve already helped many podcasts get off the ground and into the airwaves.

We’re not just satisfied with a few great podcasts, though. In the near future, we hope to help many more podcasts start the right way. Then we want to help existing podcasts refine their audio quality, editing techniques, and branding to steadily grow for years to come.

Sharing Our Success

We know that starting a podcast can be a pretty difficult process, so sharing knowledge with our clients is a core aspect of our company. We won’t just record everything for you, we’ll work with you and your team to make every aspect of your podcast better, including sharing our years of expertise and insider knowledge.

Curious why there are different types of microphones? Is video editing not your forte? Ever wonder why producers put their work on so many different podcast hosting services? We’ll help you answer these questions and many more while making your production process easy and hassle-free.

Investing In The Future

We love our studio and equipment, but we know we can always improve in the future. As we continue to grow as a company and brand, we’ll continue to invest in the people that make everything happen and the gear we use for every production. High-fidelity audio equipment, additional studio space, additional editing booths, cinema equipment, and more would be a wonderful asset to the services we offer our clients.

In time, we would also like to expand our services to include music production. St. Louis is a city known for its rich music history, and it’s currently home to some of the best independent artists in the world. With expanded audio and music production services, we hope to better serve our community and help more people share their art with the world. Plus, being around music all the time is a pretty sweet gig.

Half Coast Studios is a great place to start and grow your podcast, video series, audiobook, or voice-over project. No matter what equipment your project needs, our team can help make it happen easier than you ever thought possible. To discuss your upcoming production, contact Half Coast Studios today.