A guy recording his audiobook into a microphone.


Some of The Services We Provide

As the best audio recording studio in St. Louis, Half Coast Studios offers script-to-stream services to podcasters, authors, marketing teams, and artists. Whether you’re a professional team looking to record voice-overs for your creative project or a single individual with a killer podcast idea, Half Coast Studios is ready to help.

Our highly-trained team offers many services to get your show off the ground. Using the latest high-fidelity equipment and industry-leading techniques, our audio engineers will give your podcast or audio project that “wow” factor you’ve been looking for. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your podcast is a joy to watch, can be found everywhere online, and is growing steadily.

A audio producer working on editing a podcast.

Podcast Recording & Editing

Spend more time in front of the microphone and less time worrying about the technical side of your podcast. Half Coast Studios offers state-of-the-art equipment and expert audio engineers to ensure your show sounds just as great as your favorite podcasters, even if you’re not an expert.

Our team also offers in-house podcast editing, carefully polishing your show into something you’ll love to show off. We’ll take care of any mistakes, pacing issues, and formatting errors, giving you and your team clean files that are ready for the big time.

A guy interviewing a virtual guest.

Remote Recording & Editing

Can’t get everyone in the studio at the same time? We’re well aware of the challenges that face content creators these days, and we can provide professional recording services through a number of digital platforms. Need your Zoom or Discord call recorded? The Half Coast Studios team can work with you to get exceptional video quality every time.

Compiling dozens of audio inputs into a listenable program is no problem with enough forethought and planning. We’ll work with your team to set everyone up for success, no matter what setup you require.

A man listening to a podcast with over the ear headphones.

Podcast Distribution

What good is creating an amazing podcast if nobody can find it? Half Coast Studios offers comprehensive distribution services to our clients at competitive rates. We’ll help you host your podcast on all the industry-leading platforms and podcatchers, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, social media platforms, YouTube, and more.

We’ll use industry-leading marketing strategies to promote and grow your podcast on every platform, driving organic digital traffic to your show and giving you a community to interact with. Half Coast Studios builds resilient audiences for our clients that are sure to listen as long as you continue making great content.

A close up of an audio production board.

Podcast Intro & Outro Creation

Build excitement, then leave your audiences with satisfying conclusions by using high-end intros and outros for your podcast. Having a great intro with the perfect music shows audiences exactly what they can expect from your program, and increases their likelihood of listening to the rest of the show.

Become the next big bingeable podcast with outros that leave your audience wanting more. Nothing makes people want to listen to podcasts back-to-back like a satisfying outro that leads into other episodes. Our creative team can work with you to build the perfect intro and outro for your podcast, giving your show a polished feel and making audiences more likely to hit “next episode”.

A designer designing cover art for a podcast.

Podcast Cover Art Design

Stand out from the crowd with eye-catching cover art for your podcast. Your artwork tells your audience a lot about your show, so it’s important to have a design that looks great and conveys the right information about your podcast.

Our creative team will gladly design the perfect images for your program, all while adhering to your brand. Since we do it all in-house, our design services reflect the creative energy of your show better than any outside firm ever could. After all, we want you to be in love with your podcast just as much as your audience!

A designer working on a thumbnail for a podcast.

Thumbnail Design

Similar to designing cover art, thumbnails have to tell your audience a lot of information about your show in a very limited amount of space. The right thumbnail can make a world of difference to a digital nomad with no recognition of your brand. Make the right first impression with a new thumbnail from St. Louis’ audio production experts.

Whether you’re looking to grow your program on YouTube, Facebook, or any popular podcast site, our design team can give your show the facelift it needs to succeed.

A production shot for an event with a camera.

Virtual Events

From affinity clubs to Fortune 500 businesses, everyone needs a place to discuss business in a relaxed environment. With so many events and meetings hosted virtually, it can be difficult ensuring everyone can see and hear each other reliably.

As St. Louis’ premier audio/visual studio, Half Coast Studios is a perfect location to host virtual events like webinars, seasonal meetings, meet-and-greets, and more. We can help your team set up a reliable online event space, give your hosts access to professional equipment on an enterprise network, and monitor your event to handle any bugs or issues that may arise.

A recording session of an audiobook.


Audiobooks are the perfect way to spread awareness of your written work online. Many readers greatly prefer to listen to their books, often in place of a podcast or music. If you’re an author or publisher looking to promote a book, recording an audiobook version is a great way to start.

Half Coast Studios provides high-quality audiobook recordings every time, no matter the genre or tone you’re looking to convey. We can also help your team locate voice-over talent if needed, pulling from our extensive contacts in St. Louis and abroad.

A man reading a script into a microphone for a commercial.

Voice Overs

Video games, animation, marketing videos, podcasts, narrative films, and more. There are so many reasons you might need professional voice-overs for your project, but there is only one place to go for reliable, easy V/O recording and editing.

Half Coast Studios is the ideal location for recording clean voice-overs that will work perfectly for your creative project. We’ll also work with your team to find the perfect local or online talent as-needed, ensuring you can make your media without making compromises.