A producer recording and editing a podcast.

Podcast Recording & Editing

You SHOW UP, We Do Everything Else.

Do you have an idea for a podcast that’s practically leaping off the page? Half Coast Studios is the perfect place to turn your podcast idea into a real, expertly-produced show that’s sure to be a hit with audiences. Regardless of your technical knowhow, we’re ready for you and your team to come by our studio, sit in front of our microphones, and make high-quality entertainment.

Our team has been producing professional media for over 20 years, and we’re extremely qualified to turn your dream into a reality. In fact, Half Coast Studios is the #1 podcast studio in St. Louis. Nowhere makes podcast production as easy as we do, no matter how big your idea may be.

Entertainment Made Easy

If you’ve struggled to find the right microphone, tried to soundproof your spare bedroom, or spent hours tweaking settings in Audacity or Adobe Audition, you’ve come to the right place. The team at Half Coast Studios lives and breathes podcast production, and we know exactly how frustrating it can be for hobbyists and newcomers.

That’s exactly why we founded Half Coast Studios in 2021; we want to eliminate the barrier-to-entry for our clients. When you book a recording block with Half Coast, most of the hard work is already done for you. You and your team can enter our St. Louis studio, sit down in front of high-fidelity microphones, connect your laptops to our wifi, and start recording your show.

You can rest easy knowing our experienced audio engineers are recording every second of your session in crystal-clear quality. You can expect no background noise of any kind, no feedback or plosives, and no hassle. We truly make professional audio recording as easy as possible for our clients, guaranteeing you can focus on the really important stuff: your creative vision.

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Powerhouse Audio Services

Ease-of-access doesn’t mean much if you’re not happy with the quality of your audio. That’s why we only hire the best audio engineers in the industry. Our entire team is committed to producing your podcast at the highest quality, indistinguishable from your favorite podcasts on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Half Coast Studios is equipped to record everything from solo podcasts to huge group projects involving remote contributors. Whatever setup your show requires, we’ll make sure it sounds great and is ready to go live.

High Quality Recording

Ever wonder why your laptop’s microphone doesn’t sound as good as your favorite podcast host’s? It’s not just as simple as buying an expensive condenser microphone from an online retailer. Creating a recording environment that consistently produces high-quality, clean audio is a massive undertaking.

Luckily for our clients, Half Coast Studios has already put in the time and money to build an audio and video production paradise. Our studios are equipped with state-of-the-art microphones that are optimized for their space, professional soundproofing that eliminates echoes and unnecessary room tone, HD cameras and studio lighting, and high-fidelity recording equipment.

To really provide the best environment possible, our team employs industry-leading audio engineers that can work with you to build the perfect sound and tone for your podcast. Half Coast Studios really does come equipped with everything you need to look and sound great from the get-go.

Expert Podcast Editing

We don’t just want your voice to sound great, we want your show to exhibit professionalism from beginning to end. This means removing any sections of the podcast that don’t make the cut, creating a nice flow with proper structure, and adding music or sound effects to top it all off.

Half Coast Studios offers impressive podcast editing services for our clients, making sure your podcast feels far more polished than the raw footage. We’ll take care of any flubbed words, uncomfortable silences, or anything else that you’d rather leave out.

Removing the bad stuff is just one piece of the puzzle. Half Coast Studios can also work with your team to create a unique intro and outro for your podcast, add in music or sound effects, and just about anything else you can think of that would enhance the final product. Our post production team are wizards with post production software.

A man working on editing a podcast.

Why Record With Us?

Recording with Half Coast Studios is the simplest way to produce extremely high-quality programming, period. Our highly-experienced team of media professionals and creative designers are ready to build your project idea into a thriving success story.

We’re not just in the recording business, though. Half Coast Studios can work with your team to host, distribute, and promote your podcast online, building your audience in the process. We want your show to succeed, and we have the tools and know-how to make it happen.

With over 20 years of experience in the media production industry, Half Coast Studios’ team members are well-known for sharing their expertise with clients in the St. Louis area and abroad. We understand what it takes to produce high-quality media, and we hire the best people for the job. No matter what the project entails, you can always count on first-class quality in every service we offer.