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Remote Podcast Recording & Editing

As much as we’d like to think otherwise, getting all of our friends in the same space can be seriously difficult.

This is especially true after COVID-19 led nearly every industry to reevaluate the way they held meetings and treated remote work. In the future we’re all likely to incorporate video calls into our everyday lives even more than we have so far.

Even before the rise of Skype calls and Facetimes, recording a podcast with one or more participants calling in has been common. But recording high-quality audio/video of your Zoom call can be almost impossible without the right equipment and the right strategy.

Half Coast Studios is known for our impressive studio space and recording environments, but we’re also experts at recording remote video calls with the same quality you’d expect from St. Louis’ #1 podcast studio. Whether you’re hosting in-studio with co-hosts calling in or recording from the comfort of your far-away home, we’ll help you create something truly fantastic.

Adaptable To Your Needs

We know starting a podcast can be intimidating, we’ve been there too. At Half Coast Studios, we take care of the difficult technical work that goes into starting a podcast so you can focus on the fun, creative work that you enjoy. There’s no need to worry about what screen capture software to use, learning how to edit a 45 minute podcast, or how to combat latency issues.

Our talented team of audio engineers will work with you and your team to answer these questions and more, setting you up for success every step of the way. We’ll help you choose the right equipment and software to use, then handle the recording on our end using the same high-fidelity equipment we use for our studio recordings. You’ll be amazed how good you sound.

We understand plans change, so we will always be adaptable if your needs shift at any point. We can work with you to ensure your audio sounds consistent, even if your recording location changes from week-to-week. Most importantly, we’ll never leave you guessing if you have an important question or emergency. We’re here to help you make the best podcast possible, no matter the circumstances.

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Quality From Any Location

Some of our clients choose to record everything in the studio, and that’s great! We understand that everyone’s preferences and situations are different, so we’ll help you design the perfect podcast recording strategy for your show. When you record with Half Coast Studios, we’ll ensure your show has fantastic audio quality every time.

Planning to host your podcast in the studio, then have others call in? That’s a common strategy, and we’ll work to ensure your program has the best audio possible. While each situation demands its own solution, we can often record remote clients at the same high quality as our in-studio clients.

The strategy is very much the same when the entire cast is recording from outside the studio. We’ll work with your team to make sure everyone sounds great and avoids unnecessary investment.

Once your podcast is recorded, you can relax and leave the rest to us. Our expert audio post-production team will carefully clean up the recording, cut any unnecessary pauses or errors, and build it into a professionally-crafted production.

The best podcasts all follow a concise story structure, cleverly utilize music and sound effects, and hit the same satisfying story beats throughout. We know what every successful podcast episode needs to accomplish, and we’ll masterfully craft your recording into something special. Don’t worry though, your creative vision always comes first.

Music and sound effects are a great way to help your audience enjoy your program, especially at the top and bottom of the show. We offer high-quality intro and outro creation to our clients, something every great podcast should consider! Creating a fantastic listening experience from beginning-to-end is our specialty.

If you’re recording a podcast with Half Coast Studios, creating a well-edited podcast is simple. Just sit back and let us do what we do best.

Hands Off Podcast Editing

A Podcast guest being interviewed remotely.

Why Record With Us?

There’s no doubt about it, recording with Half Coast Studios is the easiest way to produce a high-quality podcast. For shows that utilize one or more remote contributors, Half Coast Studios is the best way to get amazing audiovisual content without setting it up yourself. Our highly-experienced team of production professionals and creative designers are ready to build your project idea into a thriving success story.

We’re not just in the recording business, though. Half Coast Studios can work with your team to host, distribute, and promote your podcast online, building your audience in the process. We want your show to succeed, and we have the tools and know-how to make it happen.

With over 20 years of experience in the media production industry, Half Coast Studios’ team members are well-known for sharing their expertise with clients in the St. Louis area and abroad. We understand what it takes to produce high-quality media, and we hire the best people for the job. No matter what the project entails, you can always count on first-class quality in every service we offer.

Is the distance between your team stopping you from making your great podcast idea? For full-service podcast production in-studio and remote, contact Half Coast Studios today.