Working on a thumbnail design for a podcast.

Thumbnail Design

The First Impression Is Always The Most Important.

When you’re making amazing video content to share with the entire world, appearances matter a great deal. The way your media looks says a lot about you and the message you’re trying to convey, especially when making a first impression with your audience. You want to draw in viewers with a great thumbnail image that tells them everything they need to know about your content.

Make The Right Impression

Video thumbnails are more than just flashy, eye-catching designs. They need to have enough substance to tell your audience exactly what to expect. If your video is titled “10 biggest water slides in the United States”, your thumbnail better show the biggest, baddest one!

Half Coast Studios is equipped to handle any multimedia project, including video productions for YouTube, streaming services, and more. We know how to produce a great internet show and market it effectively. Your video content needs an eye-catching thumbnail to match, and our graphic design team can help.

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Our Process

We’ve been creating online content for global audiences for a long time now, so we know a thing or two about YouTube and Vimeo best-practices. We’ll work with you to create thumbnails for your video content that fits your online brand and sets you up for success.

Not an artist yourself? Don’t worry! Even if you have no idea how you want your online presence to look, we’ll work with you to design something that you’ll love to look at and be proud to show off. Just point us in the right direction, let us do our thing, and let us know how we can improve. Half Coast Studios makes it easy to have high-quality thumbnails for every video you create.

Draw The Eye

Let’s be honest: it can be pretty difficult to find viewers for your YouTube videos. YouTube is a diverse platform with nearly as many content creators as viewers, many sharing the same space as one another.

But don’t worry! YouTube themselves recommend dozens of techniques that dramatically increase your chances of standing out and organically building an audience on the platform. Our creative design team at Half Coast Studios is well-versed in YouTube’s recommended marketing techniques and can dramatically increase the average number of clicks your videos receive.

Express Yourself

Your YouTube channel is an extension of your own interests and creative vision. You pour a lot of yourself into every video you create, so why shouldn’t your thumbnails and graphics match you too? We’ll work with you to create artwork that fits your brand’s unique voice and style, without forcing you to make everything yourself.

We’ll ask you about the kind of thumbnails that draw your eye, make you want to learn more, and make you more interested in the videos they represent. What kinds of album art or posters do you like? It all reflects your unique style and personal brand, which is something we’ll always do our best to replicate with every piece of artwork.

Stay On Brand

Of course, great thumbnails are more than just a flashy image. We’ve all clicked on a great looking thumbnail, only to be disappointed to see a video that’s completely different than we expected. It’s important for every thumbnail to bring in viewers, but it should never lie about the video in the process.

Our thumbnails not only cater to your unique style, but they’ll also match the content you’re making. We want to bring in an audience that loves your content for what it really is—not based on some irrelevant image. We’ll know we did our job right when we see viewers click on videos, watch the entire thing, and subscribe to future content.

Be Consistent

Sure, first-time clicks on your content feels great, but it’s important to invest in the longevity of your Vimeo or YouTube channel. Consistent, stylish thumbnails for your videos helps show your audience that your channel is relevant, well-produced, and here to stay. Even better, it helps newcomers to your channel see that there’s a wealth of high-quality content waiting for them whenever they need it.

There are other ways thumbnails can help your channel feel more high-quality. Maybe you have a couple different types of videos that can be easily distinguishable by their thumbnails. Or perhaps your video podcast or web series needs a consistent style to group episodes or seasons together. Whatever you need, we can create the high-quality thumbnails needed to give your channel long-term legitimacy.

Thumbnail design for a podcast.

Work with Half Coast Studios

Making your creative production experience easier is always our #1 priority. With our own in-house graphic design staff, we’re able to provide expert thumbnail and cover art design services without the extra time and hassle. No matter what kind of content you’re looking to produce, we’ll work with you to create something unique, on-brand, and effective for your Vimeo or YouTube channel.

We have everything we need to give your podcast a rockin’ new coat of paint except you. Using your interests, creative inspiration, and priceless feedback, we can make something that feels perfectly tailored to your specific content. Your audience is going to love your content, and they should love your artwork too!

Whether you’re producing everything at Half Coast Studios, or simply need graphic design work from the best in the business, we’re eager to hear about your upcoming or ongoing video project. To learn more about our design services for content creators, contact Half Coast Studios today.