Recording of a virtual event.

Virtual Events

Everyone Needs a Great Place To Meet.

Since more and more meetings, events, and conventions are being hosted entirely online these days, some companies have found themselves fighting against Zoom or Skype to host high-quality virtual events.

Even if you’re not a Fortune 500 company hosting a colossal virtual meet-and-greet, having a virtual meeting with great audio, video, and network connectivity can be a wonderful thing. We’ve all struggled with a bad webcam before, and it’s absolutely no fun to diagnose and fix.

As St. Louis’ best audio production company, Half Coast Studios is equipped with the equipment, studio space, and network infrastructure needed to host an incredible virtual event for your organization. If you don’t have the time or technical knowhow to plan such an event yourself, we’ll work with you and your team to create something that fits the occasion and goes off without a hitch.

Hosting From Home

Half Coast Studios is more than a brick-and-mortar location, it’s a remote audio production powerhouse. Even if you’re planning to host your virtual event entirely from home, we can help you and your team produce amazing audio/visual content for your virtual event. Even remote hosts can elevate your organization’s message with great production quality.

If you’ve sat through a Zoom call before, you probably know the sort of audio and video quality that’s associated with work-from-home hosts. Even webinar hosts often record themselves with a dated laptop webcam and muffled microphone. 

At Half Coast Studios, we’ll help your virtual event stand out from the crowd with professional, well-planned remote hosting. Whether you need new equipment or advice on soundproofing your home office, we’ll do everything we can to ensure your team looks as good from home as you would in our studios.

Recording a virtual event for an audience.

Hosting From Our Studio

Half Coast Studios is uniquely equipped to host virtual events of any size, type, and prestige. Need a place to produce pre-recorded videos to roll between live keynote speakers? Need a quiet place to talk into a microphone without interruption? Does your business need a dedicated recording space for your featured presentation?

Our state-of-the-art studio has everything you need to record high-quality, uninterrupted video and audio. Each studio is fully equipped with professional audio and video equipment, enterprise internet, and an expert team of audio engineers and media producers.

Hosting from Half Coast Studios is a breeze. We’ll discuss your project or event beforehand, then prep our studios to fit your unique needs. Once your recording date arrives, just show up to our building in St. Louis, talk into the microphone, and we’ll handle the rest. There’s no need to worry about audio quality or unscheduled interruptions.

Pre Recording with Half Coast

Need pre-recorded content to play throughout your event or presentation? Sometimes it’s best to get long speeches or rehearsed content out of the way before your event  goes live. If producing this content seems out of your abilities, don’t fret. The Half Coast Studios team can help you produce audio or video content well before your event date. 

If you need your pre-recorded content to match the live content, just wear the same clothes you plan to wear on the day of the virtual event and we’ll match everything on our end. Our studios can be equipped with lights or a green screen if needed, so your pre-recorded content will look great and always match.

Of course, not everyone wants their pre-recorded content to take place in a production environment. We’ll work with your team to plan video shoots out in the world, giving you lots of flexibility when planning your incredible virtual event. You won’t have to limit your creativity when working with Half Coast Studios.

Live Events Made Easy

When the date comes to host your live event, you need full confidence in the equipment and professionals handling the broadcast. At Half Coast Studios, we make reliable recording and live streaming easy for virtual events of all sizes and aspirations.

We have years of experience planning virtual events for our clients, and we’ll help you strategize the perfect setup for your live online experience. Whether you need a single host in the studio with a microphone or a complex panel system with multiple speakers on a staggered schedule, we can make it happen easier than you thought possible.

Our goal is always to make your experience easier and give you back valuable creative time. By hosting your live virtual event from Half Coast Studios, you’re buying yourself peace-of-mind and an incredible experience for your attendees.

Live Stream Monitoring

We know how much time and energy you put into planning a virtual event, and we’re ready to support you every step of the way. If you need the audio engineering team at Half Coast Studios to monitor your event or presentation, we can ensure everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

From the comfort of our office, our team can make sure your audio sounds great and your stream is bug-free. Knowing the technical side of your virtual event is covered, you can relax and enjoy the amazing event you organized.

To learn more about the virtual event services we offer, contact Half Coast Studios today.