Voice-Over Recording

Are you working on a project that could benefit from a premium, professional voice-over (V/O)?

Half Coast Studios is a fantastic place to record and edit voice-over files for any project. Whether you’re working on a podcast, movie, album, or work presentation, we have everything you need to make it happen.

Our audio engineers have over 20 years of experience in the media production industry and are equipped with top-of-the-line audio production equipment. We specialize in producing clean, high-quality audio recordings with purpose, especially for podcasts and other creative programming.

Hiring Professional V/O Artists

Half Coast Studios is based in St. Louis, Missouri, a growing production hub for all kinds of media production and content creation. We can always accommodate any voice talent in our studio, and we commonly work with podcasters and other small-team content creators.

For those times that your work requires voice-over talent with a longer resume, we can help your team find the perfect candidate. St. Louis is home to hundreds of talented actors, including a local chapter of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA). We can also reach out to our contacts abroad to find the perfect talent for your project.

Thanks to the size and flexibility of our studios, we can also accommodate groups of voice actors if needed. We know that some teams prefer to record all their dialog together in a single space, and our studios are a perfect space to spread out and work as a team.

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Impressive Quality Made Easy

Our state-of-the-art studio is the perfect location to record just about any audio project imaginable. We have ample room for larger programs, high-fidelity recording equipment that’s flexible for your needs, and professionally-designed soundproofing that keeps our recording environments quiet and comfortable.

Recording voice-overs in our studios is as easy as turning on the lights. If you have a script and a V/O artist, simply walk in during your scheduled recording time and we’ll record crystal-clear audio as fast as you can read the lines. Since our studios are always prepped for a recording session, you won’t have to wait on us to prep a single microphone stand.

We know you’re putting a lot of love into your creative project, and it can be a hassle piecing it all together. Let the Half Coast Studios team handle the hard work for you, and spend the majority of your production time working on the creative side of things.

Benefits For Podcasts

If your podcast needs an impressive voice-over for narration, intros and outros, or any other segment, we can offer the highest-quality recordings around. Sometimes your podcast just needs a little something extra, especially when it’s a story-based program that needs a narrator or multiple voice actors.

However you plan to incorporate a high-quality V/O performance into your podcast, we’ll be happy to help. If you need assistance finding voice-over talent for your project, we can help with that too!

We have a flexible reservation schedule for our studios that can be very beneficial for corporate or professional clients, and we can handle all the audio post-production on our end. That means you can come in, record with our expert engineering team, then leave the rest to us.

Benefits For Other Media

Voice-overs are a versatile tool editors and producers can add to nearly any form of media. Need a powerful voice-over for your upcoming movie or audiobook? Do you want a pre-recorded announcer for your live entertainment company? What about a high-quality recording space for your indie video game’s cast of voice actors?

The Half Coast team comes from the world of media production too, and we understand what it takes to get your project to the finish line. Sometimes you need a last-minute line read just days before a deadline, and you can’t worry about the quality of the finished product. With Half Coast Studios, we are prepared for your last-minute recording and promise the same masterful recording quality every single time.

When you work with Half Coast Studios, you can expect an easy recording session with no surprise fees or egotistical engineers. Just come in, read your lines, and we’ll handle the technical side of things. After the recording is over, we can edit the audio file for you or send it home with you. It’s as simple as that.

We’re St. Louis’ Best Recording Studio

When we say we’re St. Louis’ #1 podcast studio, we really mean it. Our recording spaces come equipped with absolutely everything you’ll need to create the best media possible. Our team of audio engineers are friendly, helpful, and passionate about the work they do. We’ll do everything we can to take your creative vision and make it a reality.

When you have audio work that needs to be recorded, edited, and distributed to the world, we’ll take the reins and make the entire process easy and fast. While you focus on important creative work, we’ll transform your ideas into reality using the latest audio production technology and our years of expertise.

If you have a project that needs voice-over work done, Half Coast Studios is the best place to record it. To learn more about the services we offer our clients, reach out today.