The set up of the recording studio showing the table, microphones, and the sound detaining foam on the walls.

The Studio

Where We Create High Quality Content

We take a lot of pride in the high-quality audio and video services we offer our clients. Our mission is to do the hard work for you, giving you and your team the time to focus on making the show you want to make. Why worry about things like lighting, high-quality cameras, and soundproofing?

It takes a lot of preparation to turn a space into the ideal A/V production environment, but we’ve already done the hard work for you. No matter what kind of show you’re hoping to produce, we’ve made sure we have the perfect recording studio to inspire you, let you focus on your work, and help you look and sound great. At Half Coast Studios, we have everything you need to walk in and start recording.

A graphic of the studio at Half Coast Studios.
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The outside of Half Coast Studios.
The inside of the recording studio.
Two men interviewing each other on their podcast.
A close up shot of a microphone.
A close up of a man being interviewed in a microphone.
Inside the recording room of the podcast studio.
A close up of the Rode Caster and the recording light.
Audiobook recording.
The audio producer distributing Podcast to other audio platforms.

Professional-Grade Equipment

There’s no reason your show can’t look just as good as the top-budget shows you’ll find on the biggest podcast platforms. Half Coast Studios has the same professional-grade equipment you’d expect to see at expansive facilities in LA or New York. As you walk into our studio, you’ll stand under our wirelessly-controlled LED lights, which are adjustable for a wide range of color temperatures and set layouts.

Once you and your team are properly lit, we’ll be ready to record beautiful video with our dynamic 4K camera rigs. Not only does this dual-camera setup have incredible quality for online video platforms and social media promotion, they give our post-production team plenty of room to make framing and color adjustments in the final edit. You’ll love the way you look in our studio.

You may be thinking, “surely they must have invested in their audio equipment too!” You’re absolutely right. Our space is equipped with the same high-fidelity studio microphones you’re used to seeing on your favorite video podcasts. With built-in filters to protect you from problematic plosives, these microphones have almost everything you need to record professional-quality audio in one of the leading podcast studios around.

But to really seal the deal, studios need equipment to record the audio itself. For this task, our team installed a wonderful multi-input deck in the recording booth. From this adjacent room, our recording engineers can closely monitor your show and make adjustments in real-time, minimizing the edits needed after the fact.

Ideal Recording Environment

All of this equipment is housed in our flagship studio, a comfortable two-room setup with moveable chairs, tables, and other furniture. Depending on the needs of your particular program, just about everything can be adjusted. Even if part of your show needs to be recorded remotely, we can help you set up the perfect recording environment. It’s all part of making the podcast production process as easy as possible for our clients.

When designing our studio, we took special care to optimize the audio quality of the room itself. One of the most common issues with recording audio at home is the echoes, background noises, and buzzing that can occur in everyday spaces. To avoid this, we installed insulation and soundproofing on the door and walls of our studios. This keeps your recorded audio clean, but also lets your voice carry in a way that sounds natural in a microphone.

Sometimes our clients choose to spend a big chunk of the day in our studio. That’s not a problem at Half Coast Studios. Our space can easily accommodate a rotating cast of talent and friends. If you need to take a break between sessions, our office also comes equipped with a kitchen and an external seating area. It’s a comfortable place to spend a long day recording podcasts!

Expert Production Staff

All of this is possible because of the dedication and knowledge of our production staff. When you record your podcast or online program at Half Coast Studios, you’re taking advantage of some of St. Louis’ best recording engineers available. From the moment you reserve our studio for a recording, we’re working around the clock to optimize the space for you and your team. We truly care about making your podcast as good as it can possibly be.

Our staff is intimately familiar with the recording space and the equipment within it, so they can resolve any issues that may arise during your session. Lights, cameras, microphones, and more: we’ll make sure everything is set up perfectly to give you the highest quality podcast possible.

Of course, podcasts and video production always need professional editing to give them that extra coat of polish. Our production staff are expert audio and video editors in a variety of industry-standard software. With intros and outros added, you’ll be amazed at how well-produced your show looks and sounds.

It’s true, the podcast you’ve been dying to make is just around the corner. To visit our studio or schedule a recording slot, contact Half Coast Studios today.